Heartbeat in the ear? What is pulsating ear tinnitus and how to reduce this unpleasant sensation


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Have you ever had the sensation that your head and heart were beating together?

"As if I had my heart inside my ear" is the most recurrent testimony of those who suffer from pulsating ear tinnitus, a disorder that manifests itself with the auditory perception of a rustling or drumming noise that follows the same rhythm as the heartbeat.

The auditory disturbance that characterises pulsating ear tinnitus shows some similarities with other forms of tinnitus, but is distinguished by certain peculiarities. Unlike traditional tinnitus, in fact, which can be described as hisses or sounds with the peculiarity of being constant, pulsating ear tinnitus as its name implies 'pulsates', in the sense that it has a cadence similar to that of a metronome, with a clearly muffled tone.

In addition to the sound characteristic, there is a substantial difference given by the objective existence of the sound input. Traditional tinnitus manifests itself with sounds such as whistling, buzzing, rattling or pulsating in the ears that are not produced by external sources, but generated within the auditory organ. Instead, pulsating tinnitus can be linked to an actual noise resulting from a possible overload of the blood flow. However, we must say that it is a rather rare form of tinnitus that can cause a particularly unpleasant sensation for the sufferer.

Some of the possible causes of pulsating tinnitus

Tinnitus is certainly one of the most common and widespread hearing problems that causes discomfort to many people. Let's take a look at some of the possible causes of pulsating tinnitus.

  • Circulatory dysfunctions: circulatory problems of vascular or venous origin, as well as arterial hypertension or the presence of cholesterol plaques.
  • Acoustic pollution: especially listening to music with earphones. Prolonged exposure to sound exposures assessed as harmful to hearing, which are generally those above 85 decibels.
  • Pharmacological intoxication: the prolonged taking of drugs such as antibiotics and diuretics. Abuse of over-the-counter drugs defined as ototoxic (damaging to hearing).
  • Head and neck trauma.
  • Poor eating habits.
  • High blood pressure: the pulsation of blood in the arteries close to the ear is perceived more than normal and feels like a heartbeat in the ear.
  • Excessive accumulation of earwax can also cause pulsation in the ear: earwax can cause a blockage of the ear canal and can interfere with normal air circulation in the middle ear.

Pulsating ear tinnitus also appears to be influenced by a number of emotional and physical factors, particularly stress. Although it is not always clear whether stress is the direct cause of tinnitus or whether it acts as a contributory factor, it is common for tinnitus to begin or intensify during periods of high stress. It is important to note that stress can aggravate existing tinnitus, leading to an increase in the perception of annoying sounds.

Anxiety can also lead to a decrease in oxygen in the inner ear, generating sounds such as throbbing, buzzing and rustling. The brain, perceiving these sounds as alarm signals, creates a vicious circle with anxiety that may cause problems such as insomnia, irritability and difficulty concentrating if it persists intensively over time.

Tips and remedies for pulsating tinnitus

  • Sound enrichment therapy: it may be beneficial to use specialised hearing devices to reduce or largely eliminate the sensation of pulsating tinnitus. These devices emit different signals that mask the tinnitus and promote relaxation. They can also include customisable options of melodies and sounds, allowing the user to choose the most relaxing ones.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat a regular diet: it can be extremely helpful to focus on including fruit, vegetables and seaweed in the diet, as they are rich in beneficial nutrients. It is also important to incorporate foods that provide vitamins A, B and E, as well as zinc and magnesium.
  • Maintain a balanced consumption of coffee, tea and alcohol.
  • Do not listen to music too loudly with earphones.
  • Reduce over-the-counter medications that are harmful to hearing.

Remember that there is a possibility of feeling a pulsation in the ear without this necessarily being related to a pulsating tinnitus in progress; physiological phenomena, such as changes in blood pressure or muscle tension, could contribute to this sensation. Usually this sensation, which is short-lived, disappears after a short time and should not cause worry.

However, it is essential to consult a specialist promptly when pulsating tinnitus is suspected, in order to identify the best treatment strategy. Fortunately, in many cases, recovery from this type of tinnitus occurs within a few weeks with appropriate therapies and only in rare cases may surgery be required to effectively interrupt the pulsations in the ear.

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