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Discover all our ear products, including ear candles, saline sprays and essential oil drops.

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Decongestant nasal sprays for adults and babies, complete nasal rinse kits and active vapour patches: fast and natural relief.

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Throat product line Try all the products from our complete throat wellness line.

Products made from plant-based substances and molecular complexes, available in easy-to-use forms such as throat sprays, stick packs and syrups for adults and children.

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The right remedy at the right time.

Every season has its ailments. Discover our featured products for seasonal ailments.

Whether you’ve got a sore throat, allergies, rhinitis or excess ear wax, Otosan has the right remedy for you.

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Our aim is to spread awareness about ear, nose and throat wellness by promoting a healthy and intentional lifestyle.


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Supporting the wellness of people and the environment since 1989.

We believe in honest, natural production. We started life over 30 years ago by researching traditional remedies. Since then, we have been developing medical devices based on natural substances.

We have expertly selected and combined the best medicinal plants to protect delicate yet critical organs such as the ears, nose and throat, and to combat the most common ailments including coughs, sore throats, rhinitis and excess ear wax.

With products that are free from chemical additives and contain biological extracts and gently active components, we have earned a reputation in Italy and the world as a leading natural health brand that respects the organism and the environment.

The world of Otosan

We protect health by seeking out the best that nature has to offer.

Humans have always used medicinal plants to improve their health. Thanks to new technologies and advancements, we can now enjoy the beneficial effects of the plant world in new, more practical and tested forms, such as plant extracts, which concentrate active ingredients without losing them.

In this section, we have put together a series of articles that describe the properties and benefits of the plant extracts and the numerous essential oils that we use in our formulations.

Discover the components