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Products for the well-being of ear, nose and throat. Nature's best chosen for you!

Products for the well-being of ear, nose and throat. Nature's best chosen for you!

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Ear Range

Ear hygiene and treatment solutions

Nose Range

Nose hygiene and treatment solutions

Throat Range

Throat care solutions

Food supplements

Food supplements for adults and children

Wellness and personal care

We develop natural-based wellness and personal care products focused on innovative treatment of ear, nose and throat (ENT area) health needs.

From nature, science and tradition

Our solutions for the hygiene and treatment of the ear, nose and throat start from research into the properties of medicinal plants and natural raw materials, giving rise to an increasingly complete and varied range of specific certified and practical products, rich in functional substances.

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Nasal Wash Kit with Hyaluronic Acid

Otosan Nasal Wash is a practical wash that relieves nasal congestion.
Perfect for daily use, it helps you fight cold, allergy and sinusitis symptoms.

Daily Cleansing Auricular Spray with Moisturizing Factor
Does dryness and itchy ears bother you? Try Otosan Auricular Spray. Thanks to its nebulizing dispenser, the treatment is evenly distributed in the ear canal.

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A delegation of Kurdish doctors visiting Otosan

Forlì, 09/23/2022 – A delegation of Kurdish doctors visited the Otosan headquarters in Forlì. Intense two days of Congress, last Thursday and Friday, when Otosan welcomed a delegation of ten ENT specialists. Success for...

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