Sore throat and ear pain, the bond


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The throat and ears, along with the nose, are located in close proximity to each other and perform different functions, yet they are closely related organs and can suffer from common problems. Let's find out why.

The throat mainly performs the function of passage for food, liquids and air, which are directed to the oesophagus and lungs respectively. Because of the proximity of these organs, sore throats and earaches often occur together or with similar symptoms, which is why there is a connection. In fact, sore throat, or pharyngitis, causes inflammation in the back of the throat, which in turn can cause earache.

What are the main causes of pain in both the throat and the ear?

  • Sinusitis: inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the sinuses internally, can play a significant role in the onset of problems such as toothache and oral cavity infections. The paranasal sinuses are empty cavities located in the bones around the nose, forehead and cheekbones.
  • Tonsillitis: the tonsils are located in the area that connects the mouth and pharynx and can become inflamed mainly due to viruses and bacteria. The main symptoms of tonsillitis include sore throat, difficulty swallowing and ear pain.
  • Allergies: Pain in the throat and ear is not exclusively caused by microbes such as viruses or bacteria. In many cases, it can occur due to allergies. Sore throat is often an expression of inflammation, but this condition can also be caused by infectious or allergic situations that inflame the tissues of the pharynx.
  • Irritations: Irritations of the laryngopharyngeal tract of various kinds can cause sore throats and earaches.

What symptoms can you experience during sore throat and ear pain?

Symptoms of sore throat:

  • Pain when swallowing.
  • Coughing and burning.
  • Fever.

Symptoms of ear pain:

Common symptoms may also include experiencing pain in the throat and ear on one side, depending on where the inflammation is located. It may also be normal to feel pain in the throat and ear when swallowing since, as pharyngitis is an inflammation of the pharynx, it causes pain when swallowing since it is located at the back of the mouth and is a muscular-membranous canal that allows food to pass into the oesophagus.

Tips and remedies: what to do when suffering from a sore throat and ear pain at the same time

Here are some useful tips to make this unpleasant condition go away quickly. First of all, maintaining adequate hydration helps reduce sore throat symptoms such as burning, irritation and dryness:

  • It is important to drink plenty of fluids to ensure the correct moisture level in the throat and prevent dehydration.
  • Applying emollient sprays several times during the day can speed up the healing of a sore throat.
  • Gargling and rinsing with mouthwash are also helpful.
  • Keep the room at the right humidity (40-60%).

As natural remedies we recommend:

  • One or two tablespoons of honey a day to benefit from its soothing ability on inflamed mucous membranes.
  • Propolis or erysimo for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • As for the ear, there are various oils that can help soothe inflammation, such as sweet almond oil, melaleuca oil (Tea Tree), Borage oil and Ribes Nigrum.

Rest is essential to promote a rapid remission of symptoms, but it is especially important to consult your family doctor if the annoying condition persists for days.

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