Ear phlegm: why it forms, symptoms and remedies to feel better


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Did you know that ear 'plugs' are not always caused by earwax? Sometimes, in fact, a build-up of phlegm can occur in the inner ear, a very annoying condition that can affect both young children and adults.

Ear phlegm, also known as tubal phlegm, occurs when there is an excess of mucus in the ears that cannot be easily drained, usually caused by inflammation. Let's find out together the main causes of this production and what remedies can be effective in combating the disorder.

What are the main causes of phlegm in the ears?

Phlegm accumulation in the ear usually has causes related to trauma or infections caused by viruses or bacteria that come up from the airways. Typically, the problem occurs following a flu episode, a cold or sinusitis, all conditions that induce the production of mucus that can accumulate in the inner ear, giving rise to a plug of phlegm. In these cases, bacteria spread from the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat) into the ear via the Eustachian tube to the eardrum.

Here is a list of the bacteria most commonly responsible for inflammation and mucus production in the middle ear:

  • Streptococcus pneumoniae.
  • Haemophilus influenzae.
  • Moraxella catarrhalis.

Catarrhal otitis is one of the most common problems: it occurs when phlegm accumulates in the middle ear due to viruses, bacteria or other pathogens that have spread from neighbouring areas such as the throat and upper respiratory tract.

The most common symptoms

Usually, symptoms associated with phlegm in the ear include:

  • Sensation of a full ear.
  • Hypoacusis: reduced hearing ability and perception of muffled noises.
  • Redness in the affected ear.
  • Autophonia: sensation of booming of one's voice when speaking.
  • Tinnitus.
  • Pain, discomfort, fever.

How long can ear phlegm last?

Otitis media, which can be caused by bacteria or viruses, usually lasts up to 10 days if it is acute, but can be as long as 10-30 days. If it becomes chronic, treatment may take more than a month. In general, phlegm in the ears is not to be underestimated, requires targeted treatment and it is best to see a doctor to identify the cause.

How to combat phlegm in the ears

As far as treatment is concerned, treatments vary depending on the type of disorder underlying the formation of phlegm in the ears. If the problem is a bacterial infection, the doctor may prescribe targeted antibiotics. When it is viral sinusitis, treatment will be more focused on symptom control through appropriate products.

Natural anti-catarrhal remedies

Applying heat to the area can be helpful to make the mucus more fluid and promote its expulsion, for example by taking hot showers and steam fumigations. Nasal washes can also help expel excess mucus, counteracting phlegm stagnation and promoting its natural expulsion. In any case, before any intervention, it is always useful to consult a doctor who will be able to indicate the best therapy.

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