Food supplement Immunix3 tabs

Contributes to a well-working immune system.

Fruit of the Research Otosan, Immunix3 is a natural product useful to assist the natural defenses of the organism thanks to Glutathione and Vitamin C, which contributes to protects against oxidative stress; Beta-GlucansVitamin D3 and ZincNova™, which contributes to the physiological functioning of the immune system and Bacillus Clausii spore, highly resistant to stomach acids, they reach the gut alive in order to perform their effects.

The pack includes chewable tabletsorange and honey flavour.

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While the need to boost the immune system to defend the body from virus attacks has long been recognized, authoritative medical studies⁷ have recently highlighted the relationship between this need and the protection from oxidative stress, as well as the preservation of intestinal microbiota health.

These studies were conducted considering the increase in viral diseases, both in number and in severity, with increasing age and in the presence of oxidizing co-factors (pollution, etc.).

Thanks to its triple action formula, Immunix3 provides a more complete response to new needs, which no other immunostimulant can offer:

  1. It protects against oxidative stress
  2. It strengthens the immune system
  3. It balances bacterial flora

Immunix3 is useful when our defences are lowered by:

  • Change of season
  • Flu symptoms and syndromes affecting the respiratory system
  • Chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and tonsillitis
  • Use of immunosuppressants
  • Oxidative stress of cells
  • Imbalances of the intestinal bacterial flora
  • Vitamin C and D deficiency (frequent in elderly people in winter)
  • Unhealthy lifestyles: smoking, alcohol, exposure to pollution, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle
  • Bacterial, viral or fungal infections

Chewable tabletsorange and honey flavour.

Pleasant taste such as to make it ideal for children to take.

Gluten free and Lactose free.

1. Protection from oxidative stress

Reduced L-Glutathionederivative compound of the amino acids Glycine, Cysteine and Glutamic acid. Naturally produced by the body, it is known for its antioxidant properties; it protects from free radicals and regenerates Vitamin C from its oxidized form⁴.

Vitamin C: a natural cellular antioxidant, an essential nutrient for antioxidant enzymes, contributing to the formation of collagen, the reduction of fatigue and the prevention of seasonal infections¹.

2. Strengthening of the immune system

Beta-Glucans 1.3/1.6 titrated min. 75%nutrients that increase the reactivity of white blood cells, enhancing the anti-virus activity of macrophages³.
Vitamin D3defends the body from infections, inducing the expression of antimicrobial peptides².
ZincNova™: microencapsulated zinc with high bioavailability which favours the activity of T lymphocytes⁵.

3. Balancing of the bacterial flora

Bacillus Clausii spores: the probiotics inhibit the proliferation of pathogens and balance the intestinal microbiota, promoting the organism’s physiological functioning⁷. The Bacillus Clausii spores are composed of a multilayer shell resistant to external attacks. Contact with adequate nutrients triggers the re-hydration and germination process, thus reactivating the dormant bacterium, which can then reach the gut unscathed and is resistant to temperature changes. They reduce the risk of respiratory infections with an antiviral effect, stimulating the immune system⁶ .

1. When is Immunix3 useful? When our defences are lowered and we need to boost the immune system to defend the body from virus attacks. Suits women, men, seniors, children or anyone needing to support their lifestyle with a booster.

2. How often should it be used? It is recommended to continue the treatment for 10 days a month, for three consecutive months.

3. Does it have any side effects? Do not exceed the recommended dose. The supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and must be used in the context of a healthy lifestyle. Before use, please always read the instruction leaflet carefully.

4. Where can I purchase Immunix3?
Otosan products are available in many natural product stores, over the counter drugstores and herbalist’s. To find the store closest to you, please visit the where to buy section.

Do you have any other questions? Write to us by filling out the data form.

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