Do you know how white thyme works against sore throats?

Natural ingredients

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White Thyme is a perennial, evergreen shrub that grows spontaneously in rocky and arid coastal areas. It is easily found in the western Mediterranean region and is widespread in Italy. The thyme plant is about 50 cm tall, highly branched, and woody at the base. It can be recognized by its small lanceolate leaves, which are gray-green in color and aromatic, with a dense fuzz on the underside. The flowers are white-pinkish and have 5 irregular petals.


Being typical of Mediterranean regions, there is evidence of the use of White Thyme since ancient times. The Egyptians included it in the embalming process, while the Greeks burned bundles of it as a purification ritual during religious ceremonies and used it for massages before a competition or a fight to give courage and physical strength. In the Middle Ages, it was a tradition to embroider thyme flowers on the garments of knights, as it was considered the flower of courage, a valuable tonic for the mind and spirit.

Properties of White Thyme

White Thyme yields an essential oil that is a potent natural antiseptic and antibacterial, which can be used for various conditions such as acne, eczema, fungal infections, as an oral antiseptic, and is excellent for many autumn and winter ailments.

Mind stimulant

Its strong and characteristic scent makes it widely used in aromatherapy. It is typically employed as a mental stimulant, as it is known to enhance clarity of thought and promote serenity. Additionally, it aids in sleep and relaxation due to its calming properties on the nervous system

Beneficial for the respiratory tract

Thanks to its active ingredients, thyme is an excellent remedy for upper respiratory tract disorders and serves as an expectorant. It exerts a soothing and antiseptic action. The essential oil of thyme also has antioxidant properties, thanks to its flavonoid content.

Otosan Throat Gel Forte contains White Thyme. Discover the properties of this product and its natural composition.

Product Line

Throat Gel Forte Otosan

Protects the mucosa from the irritating action of external agents, providing a lasting sensation of relief.

Otosan Throat Gel Forte is a product for relieving symptoms associated with throat irritation.

Thanks to its special gel formula, it forms a mucoadhesive film active in the pharyngeal and laryngeal tract, which protects the mucosa from the irritating action of external agents, providing long-lasting relief.

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