Spring allergies: here are the causes and the flowering calendar

Spring allergies: here are the causes and the flowering calendar

Spring allergies for some are “just” a bearable nuisance, for others a real life sentence. One thing is certain, allergies nowadays are an increasingly common plague, to the point of affecting one in three people. The spectrum of possibilities of being an allergy sufferer is very wide, although the best known and most common case certainly involves pollens.

Spring allergies

And it is precisely at this time of year that for many people tree blossoms translate into days of suffering, amid tears, sneezing and hankies. Out of every 100 allergy sufferers, at least 70 are pollen sufferers, precisely individuals with hypersensitivity to pollen.The main allergen for the respiratory tract is Gramineae pollen: this group includes an “army” of more than 12,000 herbaceous species, most of which are cross-reactive with each other. Avoiding them is virtually impossible: they are spread all over the world and release huge quantities of pollen into the air.

POLLUTION. Added to this is climate change and environmental pollution, especially in relation to the increase in ozone, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and hydrocarbons, which have been directly implicated in the increase in respiratory allergies. In particular, ozone has been shown to increase pollen allergenicity and induce airway inflammation. Fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) from diesel engines and industry has been correlated with increased asthma and respiratory disease. Finally, the increase in atmospheric levels of CO2 implicated in global warming should be taken into account.

THE CALENDAR of blooms. This explains why the number of allergy sufferers increases, at any age. That’s why it can be useful to know the calendar of blooms, and of the consequent release of pollen into the air, which differs according to latitude. You can view it below.

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