Mouth breathing is bad for your health: here are the most common risks

Mouth breathing is bad for your health: here are the most common risks

Eighty percent of people breathe poorly without knowing it. Nasal trauma or a malformation already existing at birth can lead to respiratory dysfunction of varying degrees, particularly the habit of breathing through the mouth kept open: this behavior can often promote the onset of allergy symptoms, sinusitis, and frequent sore throats and coughs.

It is well known how those who breathe only through their mouths are more likely to develop phlogistic pathologies of the first airways, which can escalate into more severe gill, lung and sometimes cardiac disorders. Nocturnal disorders afflict an enormity of people: they range from the trivial snoring (snoring), to the far more serious sleep apnea which causes daytime sleepiness, the cause of road and work accidents.

In children, mouth breathing often creates not only asthmatic problems, but also adversely affects the development of the dental arches and the shape of the face in general. So many athletes are limited in performance by nasal hypoventilation, which sets the stage for frequent rhinobronchial cooling episodes.

This is often alleviated by regular use of vasoconstrictor nasal sprays, which have a number of side effects such as, for example, the rebound effect, damage to the nasal mucosa, and increased blood pressure. In fact, these products are absolutely contraindicated in hypertensive patients, heart patients and children under 12 years old, as they can also cause neurological problems.

So to feel good and fit it is essential, you know, to breathe well and the nose plays an essential role in ensuring good oxygenation.

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