Naturals ingredients



Propolis, a natural substance with remarkable cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties, is produced by bees, which collect resin from gems and plant bark in order to transform them into structural, defensive and antiseptic material for the beehive. Its name comes from the Greek word “propolis”, meaning “in front of the city”, and is due to its …

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ribes nero

The blackcurrant, Ribes nigrum, is a native plant of the mountain regions of Eurasia. It grows spontaneously in Northern and Central Europe and in Northern Asia but it is also cultivated for culinary and therapeutic purposes. In phytotherapy, various parts of this plant, such as the leaves, buds, berries and seeds, are used to obtain …

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Sweet Almond Oil

Olio di mandorle dolci

Used since ancient times for its highly emollient properties, Sweet Almond Oil softens wax to help ear cleansing. Extracted by cold pressing almond kernels, it is crystal clear and odourless with eudermic properties, namely, it improves the condition of the skin, is absorbed very easily and is rich in vitamin E, B and minerals. For …

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