Auriculotherapy as a technique to reduce anxieties and ailments

Auriculotherapy as a technique to reduce anxieties and ailments

Auriculotherapy originated in France in 1950 by Paul Nogier, a physician who was also interested in osteopathy and Chinese medicine. After extensive studies, he mapped all the organs and skeletal muscle system on the ear, thus reproducing a small man, also called a homunculus, on the auricle. In fact, if you look closely, the shape of the ear can represent the figure of a squatting man, with the earlobe acting as a head.

Basically, auriculotherapy is based on the stimulation of specific points in the outer ear, either through acupuncture needles or through massage, in order to benefit the whole body. In fact, just like acupuncture, auriculotherapy locates points on the ear to be stimulated for therapeutic purposes, to the extent that it is used to diagnose diseases of the body and treat pain, addiction and various physical ailments.

Auriculotherapy: fields of application

Its fields of application are numerous: auricular therapy is used to monitor pain, all kinds of addictions (in particular, to smoking, food, and alcohol), physical and emotional disorders, and a variety of other problems.

Looking at the map of the ear devised by Dr. Nogier, one can see how the various vital organs correspond to a point in the ear. Using ear massage, one can then stimulate the different organs, promoting the circulation of energy throughout the body, decreasing stress and combating anxiety attacks. In fact, the benefits of this practice are not only physical but also psychological.

The Otosan ear cone

To the benefits of this practice refers the treatment with the Otosan auricular cone, a natural remedy that has its roots in history, with traces of its use already among American Indians, in ancient Chinese medicine and more recently in the countryside of Romagna, Veneto and Sicily. The cone made of natural fabric and wax should be introduced, from the thinner side, into the ear while lighting the top, which, as it burns, releases heat toward the inside of the ear. The heat given off by the cone immediately gives a feeling of well-being, comparable perhaps only to a massage.

Increased blood flow and the resulting mollification and discharge of earwax make it a valuable tool for personal hygiene and to counteract annoying buzzing and impurities.

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