About us

Otosan, a company founded in 1989, originated from an intuition: to develop all-natural products for well-being and personal care, without the side effects of drugs. This is the mission that still drives our ongoing research in otorhinolaryngology.

Our adventure began when Rosalba Valmori, who was suffering a strong earache, found relief by using a traditional remedy: the ear cone. The pleasure in rediscovering an ancient traditional treatment and the hope that others could also benefit from it is what inspired us to establish the company in Forlì, which then became a leader in the field of products for ear hygiene.

Otosan has since expanded its range of treatments for disorders of the ear, nose and throat (ORL field), constantly using gentle therapies and raw materials of natural origin. Until now, our highest achievement has been to see the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers grow day by day. All this has allowed our solutions to become known and appreciated in Italy and abroad, in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Our commitment

to quality