About us

For over 30 years, Otosan has been synonymous with natural health in pharmacies, parapharmacies and natural healthcare stores.

We are an Italian company dedicated to personal care through effective and safe natural products, developed by enhancing the ancient knowledge of tradition and the properties of medicinal plants.

Pioneers in the production of ear cones for ear hygiene, our story originates from the rediscovery and subsequent production of this popular treatment, the Otosan Cone, perfected in light of the most current safety and quality requirements.

Experience, research and innovation have enabled us to develop new medical devices and food supplements focused on the innovative treatment of ear, nose and throat (ENT area) health needs, perfecting 10 different product lines, always promoting a body and environmentally friendly approach. All this has allowed our solutions to become known and appreciated in Italy and abroad, in more than 30 countries worldwide.

When research is applied to health, new ideas for personal well-being are born.

We make medical devices and food supplements that continuously meet quality and safety expectations, operating in full compliance with mandatory regulations and ensuring full satisfaction of our customers.

In every detail, in every choice and at each stage of the business process, Otosan has always been committed to continuous quality improvement. Our quality management system is certified according to the ISO 13485:2016 standards, for design, manufactoring and placing on the market of invasive medical devices with respect to body orifices intended for ears and nose hygiene and for oral use in the treatment of respiratory disease. The fact that we operate in compliance with the highest quality standards is a safe guarantee for our customers and the market.

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ISO certification

  • Qualified staff

    Our team of experienced and qualified staff takes care of the various stages of production and quality control.

  • Cutting-edge systems

    Our production systems are designed to optimise processes and ensure the highest safety standards.

  • Pre-and post-production checks

    All our products constantly undergo extensive research and strict checks, before and after production. The end result is the highest quality guarantee at all levels.

amore natura

We create a better quality of life.

Since our establishment, we have operated with respect for the environment around us, so much so that a love of nature has become a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. Small daily actions that enhance.

• We choose plant-derived and organic ingredients

We carefully select the natural raw materials to be added to our products and, when possible, we prefer to select ingredients from organic farming. Our research is aimed at making simple, well-researched and tested formulas that are effective and safe for both people and the environment.

• Our packaging is recyclable

We use recyclable paper and cardboard for our packaging and information materials. Everyone can help us protect the environment by following the instructions on how to properly dispose of products after use.

• Less waste of primary resources

We invest in cutting-edge systems to optimise processes. Our packaging is designed in a way that ensures the best ratio between size, volume occupied and content. In this way, we are able to consume less cardboard, reduce volume during transport and reduce CO2 emissions.

• Working with photovoltaic technology

We have installed a photovoltaic system covering the entire roof of our facility in Forlì: every day, 144 panels prevent carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides from being released into the air. We use solar energy to carry out production activities in an eco-sustainable way.

Since 1989…

every day we work with enthusiasm and dedication to continue this path and continue with passion and responsibility to work in the field of natural health. For the well-being of people and the environment.