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Otosan Ear Cone arose from the rediscovery of a traditional ear hygiene method, called auricular thermotherapy, a gentle technique with ancient origins. Enhanced with innovative safety and comfort devices, the Otosan Ear Cone is a natural, practical, safe and effective device, which, through beneficial heat and a chimney effect, helps to eliminate impurities and excess earwax from the ear.






Otosan Ear Cone therefore helps to prevent the build up of wax plugs and supports their removal, contributing in this way to restoring ear pressure, for example, after spending time in the mountains, flying or scuba diving.





caption: 2 cone box
2 cone box



Its purifying effect helps to solve hearing conditions such as buzzing, whistling, background noises, transmission loss and blocked-ear sensation. It is recommended for adults and children, and especially for people working in dusty environments, for those suffering from excess earwax and people who use external hearing aids. It also helps to eliminate any residual water in the ear canal after swimming in the sea or a pool.


Today, with the addition of propolis, Otosan Ear Cone develops an efficient protective action for the ears since the heat created regenerates local blood flow, providing a feeling of well-being and general physical relaxation.
Otosan Ear Cone is available in 2 or 6-cone boxes.

CE medical device – Carefully read the instructions for use.


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